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Executive Orders

All of President Donald J. Trump's Executive Orders are available at the Federal Register. Just click through the President's signature below.


Immigration and Borders

Court Ruling on
Muslin Ban 2.0

Enforcement Guidance for
Border Patrol

Implimentation Guidance for
Border Patrol

Court Ruling on
Muslim Ban 1.0

Muslim Ban 2.0
Executive Order

White house Fires
Atty Gen. Sally Yates

Atty. Gen. Refuses to
Enforce Muslim Ban

Muslim Ban 1.0
Executive Order


Russian Investigation

Russian Dossier
Christopher Steele

Senate Committee
Scope Letter

Joint Intelligence Russian
Hacking Report

Letter To FBI From
Dems Asking For Sessions

Flynn's Request
Request Immunity

NSA Report on
Voting Hack

Special Counsel Appointed
Day 118!!!

FBI Director
James Comey

Comey's Opening
Jun 7, 2017


Health Care

Senate Health Care
Draft (BCRA

Jun 22

CBO Report
Senate BCRA
Jun 26, 2017


GOP Health Care Bill
217-213 Passed
May 4, 2017

CBO Report
On GOP Health Care
May 24, 2017

Affordable Care Act


Supreme Court Ruling
Obama Care

CBO Report
Trump Care 2.0
Mar 23, 2017


GOP Health Care Act



Trump Tax Plan


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